Clessidra Pour Over Coffee Maker ICM17210
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ABS plastic body with chrome trim. Clear glass carafe.

Dimensions (cm)

19 x 28 x 33


Water Tank - 1.25L



 Brewing Temperature

92c ~ 96c

Coffee Capacity

Maximum 125g of coffee grounds

Clessidra Pour Over Coffee Maker ICM17210

Drip Coffee Maker

  • Automated Pour-Over
    • First of the few in the market that offers automated pulse pouring to imitate the manual pour-over methods.

  • More Intense & Aromatic

    • The special-engineered shower head resulted in a more intense and aromatic coffee flavor at minimal effort.

  • ECBC Certified

    • Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Center for its precise temperature and infusion time control which contributes to a perfect flavor extraction. 

  • Perfect Ratio

    • Coffee to Water ratio: 7.5gm coffee for 125ml of water.

  • Perfect Brewing Temperature

    • Brew in between 92c and 96c.

  • Perfect Brewing Time

    • Complete the brewing process in between 4 to 6 minutes.

  • Keep Warm

    • It keeps your coffee warm for up to 40 mins after brew

  • Large Shower Head
    • Hot water is spread more evenly over the coffee grounds and produces a more balanced aroma and flavor.
  • Aromatic Pour-Over Coffee in 4 simple steps
    • (1) Pour water into the water tank,
    • (2) fill coffee ground into the filter holder,
    • (3)choose between the ECBC brew function or Pour-Over Coffee brew function,
    • (4) place the filter holder into the filter holder base and enjoy your freshly brew pour-over coffee.

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