Dedica Metallics Pump Espresso Maker EC785.BG/AZ
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Metallic Beige/ Azure (light blue)


Stainless steel body

Dimensions (cm)

15 x 33 x 30


Removable water tank 1,000ml

 Pump Pressure

15 Bar

Portafilter Capacity

Single – 7g, Double – 15g (could vary based on the ground finesse)

Dedica Metallics Pump Espresso Maker EC785.BG/AZ

Pump Espresso

  • Beige or Azure (light blue) in Metallic Finish

    • The highest quality finished in its league with chromed details.

  • 15 Bar Pump Pressure

    • The pump provides optimal infusion pressure in every brewing cycle, resulting a perfect, creamy, dense and aromatic coffee.

  • Pre-programme Coffee Button

    • At the touch  of a button: one cup or two cups coffee, the coffee delivery will stop automatically at a preset volume. The settings can be overwrite to fit your cup size too.

  • Temperature Settings

    • There are 3 levels of coffee temperature to be choose from.

  • Cappuccino System

    • Indulge in silky smooth milk or velvety-soft foam with this Advanced Cappuccino System, providing you with adjustable controls and consistent results.

  • Thermoblock Technology

    • The unique Thermoblock technology keeps the water at the exact temperature required to brew a perfect Espresso.

  • Compact Design
    • One of the most compact espresso makers available. Yet high performance and sleek.
  • Cappucino System
    • Just switch the sleeve between CAPPUCCINO and HOT MILK, it will provide you with different textures of milk foam. It will deliver hot water as well when you need it.
  • ThermoBlock System
    • Ensures your coffee is delivered at the perfect temperature without taking too much time.  
  • Removable drip tray
    • Fits glasses up to 13cm tall, also easy to clean.
  • LED illuminated buttons
    • Programmable coffee quantity for auto-delivery.
  • Cup Warmer
    • Keep your cups/glasses warm


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