Key Specification:

  • Make six (6) different drinks including fancy coffee and milk with only one touch.
  • With two stainless steel pipe inside the two electric control rapid heater, it has longer service life and safer drinks.
  • with integrated coffee spout, there is no need to move the cup to make any drinks.
  • Professional cream device ensures the soft, smooth, and fragrant cream and it is easy to remove and clean.
  • With the adjustment height of coffee spout from 80 to 140 mm,it meets the small espresso cup and large latte cup.
  • With intelligent fault warning and information reminding system, all the informationnwill appear on the color touch screen.

Affordable coffee solution for every home

Tigris coffee machine offers an outstanding taste of coffee with its table-top design best for kitchen pantry. With a touch on the icon displayed on the screen, it produces a perfect cup of americano, cappuccino and cafe latte in just seconds.

Making Coffee the Fastest Way

With the advance touch sensible technologies, you can prepare cappuccino or cafe latte automatically. There is no need to prepare your cappuccino and latte macchiato manually.

In addition, the adjustable height spout allows various sizes of cups or glasses, up to a height of 6 inches. Now, you can enjoy the amount of coffee you want.

Variety of Coffee Beverages

While many coffee machines offer pure coffee, Tigris is one of very few coffee machines series that make “Americano” instead of espresso. Besides that, it also offer varieties of cappuccino and espresso, all can be operated by a touch of finger.

Innovative Coffee Making Process

One of the specialties of the machine is its clear color LCD display. The machine produces milk foam with a fine, feather light consistency. There is no need to wait for more than 30 seconds as the intelligent system heats the milk and at the same time, creates the milk foam.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

The machine is designed in such a way that is easy to use as well as easy to maintain. Cleaning process is activated with just a button touch.

Compact Design

Now is no longer an era of sophisticated coffee machine. Tigris table-top compact design allows easy placement everywhere in the house. be it home office, kitchen pantry or study room.

Its snowy white color finishing is designed in such manner, so it can fit into almost any contemporary  environment.